Too much good stuff

This week has been full of good things!

First of all, my best friend Ashley moved back to California from Greenville, South Carolina. Yay!  I met up with her in Pismo Beach and she did 2 really great things. She crouched down to be as short as me in our pictures so I wouldn't look like a midget. Well, truthfully I still look like a midget, but she looks quite ridiculous which pulls the focus from my lack of height. And she pretended to be genuinely interested in my new car. The signs of a true friend.
I was good to her too. Right after this picture was taken, a seagull pooped in her hair. The audacity!
I quickly removed the bird poo with my own bare hands like any good friend would do.

My grandparents were super generous and helped a ton with our buying new cars last month so we made them a little gift basket to show our thanks. Their response: a thank you card full of more good things!

More exciting news: our Coachella tickets arrived in the mail!  4 more weeks til we're melting in the desert at this insane music festival. Woot?!

Our buddies Brian and Audrey (who we're going to Coachella with) had us over for dinner and game night. We played Headbandz and it was frustrating and hilarious. Good friends let you take their picture when they look silly and confused.
More shenanigans: my awesome coworkers organized not one, but TWO happy hour gatherings after school this week because surviving second trimester grades and open house called for extra celebrating. Teachers know how to have a good time!

My students were even good this week. We did an art lesson on Van Gogh and they made these starry night beauties.
Andrew was super awesome this week and taught my class a lesson on Brown vs the Topeka Board of Education. My students were bored of education, but it was super thoughtful for him to do that so I could set up for open house.

Andrew also helped me build 3 new dressers from Ikea.  In related news, I need to have a massive yard sale. Furniture overload!

Today he took me to my favorite beach in La Jolla to relax in the 93 degree sun.
It was like a mini vacation.
My friends Audrey and Angela were super good to me today as well and surprised me with a belated 30th birthday girl's day full of my favorite things: a manicure, a trip to Ross, birthday cake in the park, and a sandwich at Dudley's Deli. So much fun!
Alas, all good things must come to an end. Here's hoping my students don't pinch the crap out of each other tomorrow. Happy St, Patrick's Day!


  1. I'm trying not to hate you for living at the beach. ;) But I love your kids' Starry Night pictures-- they did awesome!! Free artwork!!

  2. A new car, a day with a friend, game night, and a lot more bonding moment -- this is definitely one of the better days! Well, I can’t find anything else to describe all the good things that happened in a short span of time. I just hope it will continue for the rest of the year. Cheers!

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru


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