April A to Z

April has been a busy month and I don't even know where to begin! So, in effort to organize my thoughts, I am going to alphabetically hit all the high points of this month.
A- Andrew finished a complete draft of his dissertation. This thing is like 3 years in the making and finalizing it is the last step before obtaining his PhD. Get it done!!!
B- B.J.'s with friends from college.
C- Coachella was tons of fun
D- Doterra oils. A friend from work gave me all these goodies and I love them!
E- Easter break with Andrew's parents was nice. We did a lot of hiking.
 F - First grade! My principal asked if I wanted to move down from 5th grade and teach 1st grade next year, to which I replied "YES!!!"  I have been pinning away classroom decorating ideas.
 G - Grandma Diane. I got to visit with her over Spring Break and a week later she passed away. I am so grateful I got to see her one last time and I know she is happy in Heaven.

H - How I Met Your Mother. Did y'all see the finale? A lot of people were upset about it, but I thought it was ok. The last season was bleh, but I still really liked the series. Now I need a new show to watch. Suggestions?

I - Ikea. We went there for breakfast on Saturday and ended up leaving with this cabinet. Last month I bought 3 dressers, so I guess I'm learning to restrain myself?

J - Jimmy Fallon. We've been watching his Tonight Show and it's pretty funny. I didn't like him on SNL because he laughed uncontrollably in the middle of sketches, but he's a good host. After reading about he and his wife's struggle with infertility I find him a lot more endearing.

K - Kogi taco truck. I am a huge fan of food trucks. After frequenting the ones on Congress in Austin, I just think they're the best thing ever. We hit up the Kogi truck at Coachella and have even driven to LA for their delicious Korean BBQ Mexican fusion cuisine.

L - Lots of driving. The story of my life.

M - Max... well his full name is Monsieur Maxwell Mumford Bear in keeping with our themed dog names. Maddie's is Mademoiselle CoCo Chanel Bear.  He is an 8 week old maltese and we are hoping to breed him and Maddie early next year.  Maddie has no idea!

N - New bedding.  Maybe it will motivate me to actually make the bed in the morning. So far not so much.

O -  oil. Specifically coconut oil. All my friends are talking about coconut pulling where you basically gargle with coconut oil for 20 minutes or until you can't stand it anymore. I can only last 5 minutes before gagging, but it's supposed to whiten your teeth and pull toxins out of your body. I haven't noticed any improvements yet, but I spent $22 on this tub from Costco so I'm committed to keep doing it. Honestly I'd rather just drink my pink coconut tea. It's delicious.

P - Pictures of the puppy because he is so cute!

Q - The quest for the perfect potty training pee pad. This puppy is adorable and he is only 8 weeks old, so he is not potty trained and ain't nobody got time for that!

R - Random celebrity sightings at Coachella. We saw Aaron Paul from Breaking  Bad. He was wearing a bobble head suit and dancing on stage with Arcade Fire.

S -  Seven weeks left of school and I am crawling to the finish line. I keep reading Jen Hatmaker's post here about cutting teachers and parents some slack during this horrendous home stretch. I am so ready for this school year to be over!

T - Texas. We're planning on going to Austin and San Antonio in December for Andrew's graduation. Excited to go back and visit, equally excited to not live there anymore as Summer is approaching.

U - Umm. Why is the alphabet so long?

V - Very awkward teaching the "Family Life Unit" about girls and boys and puberty and what not this Tuesday. Pray for me!

W - Warranty. Good thing I bought the square trade warranty because I dropped and shattered the screen on my phone!

X - Extra. I used all the extra white paint we had on our dining set.

Y - Yummy lamb and ham Easter dinner with our friends. No pictures because yum I was eating!

Z - Zoo. We went there with Andrew's parents last week.

Kudos to you for reading all of that Hoagwash. =) I promise I won't do this every month!