Hello May

This weekend we celebrated May and all its glorious sunshine by driving to our nearest beach...
La Jolla Shores.

I found my dream beach house...

I have until 4th of July to get chummy with whoever lives there, because their view of the fireworks must be epic. 

I put my toes in the water, for a nano second, and then ran back to the warm sand.  Truth be told, the Pacific Ocean is freezing. I also saw Jaws 2 on matinee last night and I'm not one to tempt fate.

Today was a nice little preview to Summer. I am looking forward to relaxing days at the beach, maybe some kayaking, if I take a Xanax first, and actually enjoying a staycation. I'm not fond of that term, but I will never turn down a vacation, especially a free one that's a mere 15 minutes away.

Alas, tomorrow is Monday, and Summer is a distant dream. State testing is in full swing, my students are cranky and conspiring against me, and I'm in sink or swim mode going down and down, which makes me want to call in sick and spend another day at La Jolla Cove. I'd way rather sink or swim at the beach!