Midsummer Nights and a dream come true

Summer Break 2014 is coming to an end, but it was one for the record books for sure. Here's what we've been up to...

Beach days. Glorious beach days. This is our first official Summer back in California and we made the most of it.

There were also several pool days. Tis a travesty that our apartment complex lacks a pool. Tis a blessing that our old apartment complex from our newlywed years never installed a lock on their pool gate. #resourceful #trespassing #sohotoutwedon'tcare

Lest you think I've been a slacker all Summer, I also spent the equivalent of 2 work weeks at Math and Language Arts seminars for teachers and setting up my new classroom. I don't even want to think of how much money I have spent on 35 sets of school supplies for my students. Good thing they're so adorable in 1st grade! Here's a peek inside my classroom (I still have 3 teacher workdays to finish the final touches so it's a work in progress.)

"A Midsummer Night's Dream." My sister Kristie, and her husband, Tyler, put on plays with the Central Coast Shakespeare Festival each Summer. They are amazing, talented, and hilarious. This Summer they put a 50's twist on this classic play and it was so much fun!

College Roomie-reunion. So great to get my college dorm mates and their families together for a visit!

 Scoping out the wedding site for Andrew's sister's October nuptials.

An epic 4th of July party. Don't worry, I was drinking lemonade :)
 Some furniture projects. Painting a settee and finding a new home for my shoes.

Concerts at the Mid State Fair with my mom and dad

We saw Mercy Me and Blood, Sweat, and Tears on the free stage.

We saw Steve Miller Band and Journey one night and Wallflowers and Train the next night. There was an onstage proposal at the Train show. So cute. And tacky. I wouldn't like that, but it was cute to watch.

 We got hungry on our way home, but only the drive thru at Jack in the Box was open, so we did what any classy ladies do. Ordered our food and set up our lawn chairs in the parking lot while we enjoyed our 2 for $1 tacos.

Concerts at the Mission in San Luis Obispo with friends.

 Picnics in the Park on hot Summer days.

 And now for our dream come true...

Baby is 6 weeks old and 6 mm long and we got to see it's heartbeat today. It was the most beautiful little flicker! After so many years of praying for this miracle, it is finally happening and it still doesn't feel real. We have only shared this exciting news with our closest friends and family, so thank you for celebrating with us and keeping quiet for a few more fragile weeks until we're ready to tell the world. We are absolutely overjoyed and will continue posting updates here if you want to follow along on our new journey. Thank you for all the love!!!


  1. Hi! I'm not sure I've commented before, but have been reading your blog for awhile. Congratulations on your sweet little baby! I am currently 6 weeks pregnant as well, and we are due March 26th. A great week :) It has been the HARDEST secret to keep, especially because we have known for the last 3 weeks, but also know how fragile this time is (I love your description of that). So while we remain in top-secret mode (only having told our parents and siblings), I will pray for both our babies - that we make it to the safe zone and then can shout it from the roof tops! I hope you are feeling good. Nausea and overall sickness has hit me head-on, 24/7. It is awful. In the end, it will be worth it!


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