And then pregnancy brain

I will be 12 weeks pregnant on Monday. What?! I still can't believe it! And I am cherishing every. single. second. But some of the seconds have been different than I expected. Not that I had any idea what to expect, I NEVER thought that I would get to be expecting anything. *Thanks God for the 936th time today.*

So each week I notice something new, a new symptom, a new chubby spot, a new baby contraption I need. It's so much fun! The last couple weeks, though, I noticed that I'm very spacey, aloof, tired all the time, and not able to finish a sentence. I learned that this is fairly common and is actually called "momnesia" or "pregnancy brain". I read about it here, so you know it's legit. I can't remember where I was going with this (so obviously I'm experiencing pregnancy brain right now), except to say that I woke up today and it was September. And also, I forgot my email password to log onto my blog. It literally fell out of my head. Hence I missed a whole month in bloggy land! And that bums me out because I love reading blogs and writing nonsense and posting all my obnoxious pictures for all 5 of my readers (hey mom!) to peruse. I want to capture all the exciting moments of pregnancy, and silly stories from my first graders, and what not. But my brain shelves are kaput. For relevance, the article I read on web MD said "You only have so many shelves in your brain, so the top three are filled with baby stuff."  Oh man, have we been collecting baby stuff! All the shelves are full of it!

Even though my memory has turned to mulch, I did find the energy to upload some pictures from the last few weeks. Here's what we've been up to:

My mom and I managed to drag Andrew along for Labor Day sales at the Outlet Mall.

No, we don't know the gender of the baby yet. Yes, we have been buying TONS of cute girl stuff. We kept the receipts for just in case, but it was all so cute and on sale :) Also, my mom got me this gorgeous navy blue coach never full purse that will obviously double as a diaper bag. I suppose a lot of my purses are going to be doing double duty as diaper bags and I'm totally ok with that.

In other baby shopping related news, we have been conducting lots of research at Babies R Us. We're the obnoxious couple assembling and disassembling strollers and car seats to see if they really "click and connect." And I wanted to see what all the fuss was about the BOB stroller. It's a little too off-roady for me, but maybe if I sprung for a H3 and an ATV I could swing it. So far I like the Britax B Agile or the City something jogger. Not that I'm a jogger or really athletic at all, it was just easy to maneuver. We haven't bought any big items yet. Oh yeah, except for the crib. We found this Graco Shabby Chic one on Craigslist for a bargain and snatched it up.

I am nearing the end of the 1st trimester and excited to hopefully be over any last bouts of morning sickness. I have been really lucky that it hasn't been that bad, but I still keep my trusty queasy fixes nearby.

We announced our pregnancy on Facebook. I thought we would wait a couple more weeks, but I'm a growing girl and almost everybody already knew, and we already had 5 fabulous ultrasounds, so we thought it was time. I had grandiose plans of an adorable announcement, but ended up just using this self timer photo from weeks ago because I was too lazy/tired to take a new picture. Oops.

My best friend sent me this beautiful silver necklace with the inscription "Due in March". Isn't it so precious?!
I like how the baby's brain is heart shaped in the ultrasound. I'm not too crazy about how ginormous it's head is. Hello C-Section!

We had a beach day with friends and got some belly kisses from sweet Kylie. She is so adorable!
 We celebrated our friend, Audrey's, 30th Birthday and went to an Arcade Fire Concert.

We visited with friends from Dallas downtown at Petco Park.

We drove home last weekend (and this weekend too) with both dogs in tow. 
That's a long 6 hours each way!
 We ate fro yo way too much (is there such a thing?)

We took walks around the lake.
 And sunset strolls at the beach.

And the rest is a blur. A big, beautiful blur.


  1. Wow! 12 weeks... how did that happen! Congrats sweet girl, so happy to hear that pregnancy brain is invading your life. Lots of love to you and the baby!

  2. Love this!!!! But yeah, you need to stop forgetting to post. I miss your updates!! :) Love all the shopping prep you're doing (not that I doubted you would maintain a high level of commitment to that!)...for the record, my sister has a Coach diaper bag (like, intended to be a diaper bag...although it does still basically look like a nice tote from the outside) and it is amaaaaaazing. Name brand and preppiness aside, the pockets and functionality on that thing are SWOOOONworthy. I have major diaper bag jealousy.


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