Gender Reveal: It's a ...

It's a BOY!!!

Last week while we were up at home visiting family, my parents hosted our gender reveal party. It was so much fun! We went with a "Blue or Pink, what do you think?" theme and had baby boy and baby girl clothes on display leading up to the door.
 We made chocolate dipped pretzels and vanilla cupcakes with blue frosting in the middle so that when guests pulled out the "Blue or Pink" sign they saw lots of blue.

 Everyone was excited when they found out it's a boy! No one was more surprised than my mom and no one was more ecstatic than my dad. Finally a boy in our family!

Can't wait to meet our little man in March! 


  1. Woo hoo! I WIN! I'm not sure what, but I win… maybe the next baby? Congrats again, Bren!

  2. So fun!!! What a beautiful party- so many fun details!!!

  3. So fun! I'm biased...but boys are the best!!


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