Halloween and other happenings

We celebrated Halloween last weekend at a friend's house with a little party.

 Cat Woman and Batman... Last minute costumes. Thanks Target and Michael's!
The party was fun. I especially liked Brian and Audrey's bacon and eggs ensemble.

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Confession: I don't really go all out for Halloween. Minimal decorations, last minute costumes, and *gasp* I don't even hand out candy. With two crazy dogs barking every time the door bell rings, I don't even like to be home on Halloween night! That being said, I do like Halloween time, but mostly because of the spiced pumpkin drinks, apple cider, and pumpkin seeds. Yum! I imagine I'll like Halloween more when I get to dress up a cute little boy in costumes and take pictures at the pumpkin patch. I can't wait for next year!

Andrew at Jack London's Cottage
This week Andrew is out of town (at UC Berkely presenting at a Jack London conference) and I have to work on Halloween. And it's just like any other school day because we are not allowed to dress up or give goody bags or anything fun :(  Don't tattle, but I baked owl themed cupcakes and am giving out Halloween pencils and erasers. 6 year olds love Halloween and I will not be the one that ruins it for them. I'm also making popcorn and letting them watch the Charlie Brown Pumpkin movie on Netflix. Here's hoping for a relaxing "Fun Friday Halloween". Right.

Don't worry, I'll make it educational with a compare and contrast venn diagram and plot summary of some sort. It is school after all.

My firsties are so cute!
In other news, Maxwell is getting snipped.

Clearly this is the first he's hearing of this!
Yes, the male maltese that we got in May for the exclusive purpose of breeding with Maddie is scheduled to be neutered next week. Here's the deal... when we got Max I was gearing up for our first round of IVF and thought that it would never work for us. I reasoned with Andrew that if we couldn't have a human baby, we could at least distract ourselves with a litter of puppy babies. They're always a sure thing. Fast forward to now and we are excitedly preparing for parenthood. The thought of caring for brand new puppies and a brand new baby at the same time makes my head spin. So something's gotta give. And that something is Maxwell's balls :) Sorry buddy!  Meanwhile Maddie is overjoyed. His recent humping rantics were not well received.

I guess I'll end on that note.
Happy Halloween!