The busiest month

November was the BUSIEST month! Non stop visitors and travels, but it was full of so many good things I want to remember, so, in no particular order, here were some highlights from the last few weeks:
 The dogs were less than thrilled to be scooped up for a picture when there were plates full of turkey everywhere.
Andrew, Me, Dad, Mom, Missy, Kristie, Tyler

Thanksgiving is BIG in our family. There were over 70 relatives in attendance at my mom and dad's this year (not all are pictured because coordinating a group photo of that size is nearly impossible). Believe me when I say there were 3 turkeys, 2 hams, 30 pounds of mashed potatoes, and 16 pies. And NO leftovers. Success! Then it was off to Andrew's parents later that evening for round 2. I'm still full!
On November 7, Andrew successfully defended his dissertation in San Antonio and we are preparing to fly out for his graduation ceremony in 2 weeks. Yay! In the meantime he has applied to over 100 teaching jobs all over the country and beyond. One of them is even in Montreal, Canada. Who knows where we'll end up?! Exciting times ahead!

Andrew's sister came to visit for a weekend and we showed her and Rae around downtown.

I discovered a wealth of Oliver and Ollie titled children's books and have started to stockpile them for his library. So cute!

Christmas came early when my mom and dad gave us a PS4 and Vitamix. Best gifts EVER!!!
My mom came down to San Diego twice in November.  The first time was to visit while Andrew was off defending his dissertation. I put her to work helping me compile grades for report cards and prep for parent conferences. My mom is the best!

Mom took care of me (when I was under strict "bed rest" orders before ruling out vasa previa) and she took care of Maxwell after his de-balling surgery.

We were quite the glamorous crew :)

And look at these two that are best friends now that Max has mellowed out a little!
For mom's second visit, she brought my sister Melissa and we had our 23 week 3d ultrasound.
So fun!

I think Ollie looks just like Andrew. So fun to see him growing!
 My mom also stayed up all night making these super cute holiday and baby shower signs.

And she got a head start decorating our nursery... sewing the baby blanket and crib skirt.


 We squeezed in a beach day while we were up at home for Thanksgiving.

Christmas Craft Night making snow globes with the girls.

 Last week Andrew' s parents came down to San Diego and we saw Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Christine McVie. My inner gypsy was ecstatic!

And a few more extra pictures from November...
Andrew teaches at San Diego Christian College and it is just a short walk down the street from where we live. Conveniently TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Target, and a slew of my other shopping favs are also right across the street. We usually take the dogs for walks over there and Andrew walks them around outside while I scope out the stores. He's really awesome that way!

Every November the shopping center puts up a big Tree and decorations, so we stopped for a quick photo.

November was awesome and now it's time for Christmas parties, vacation, and fun fun fun getting ready to welcome our baby boy in 2015!

"You've got to wait just a little bit longer" he says :)