Preparing for our baby boy

It is finally March 2015!

The month we've been waiting our whole lives for {or at least the last 38 weeks}. 
No, our WHOLE LIVES!!!

Oliver is coming! There is still so, so much to do...
Poor little guy might be a toddler before I actually get the nursery done!

We've been on cloud 9 since our very first ultrasound back in July.

Pregnancy has been everything I dreamed it would be.
But also, more.
The baby moving in my belly is more exciting than anything. I am so glad I'm finally on maternity leave because every time I'd feel a kick I would get so happy and distracted that I would stop teaching to feel my tummy. Not surprisingly, my students were more entertained by my alien-like rolling belly than lessons on phonemic awareness. I don't blame them :)

The overwhelming support from friends and family before IVF, during the vasa previa scare, and now celebrating with baby showers and leading up to the birth has been more comforting than I could have ever imagined.

9 months have gone by way more quickly than I thought possible. And I have definitely gained more than the recommended 25 pounds! Who cares?! More to love :) And in a couple weeks we finally get to meet Oliver, our precious baby boy, who reminds us that our "God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine..."

One thing we do need more of are pictures! Here are some highlights from the most exciting time in our lives...
4 weeks
I will never forget that moment! "Is this real?!"
8 weeks

14 weeks
20 weeks
25 weeks
26 weeks in Pismo Beach

29 weeks in Austin, Texas
Oliver at 30 weeks

31 weeks 
34 weeks
36 weeks 

Completing our Childbirth Preparation Classes at the Hospital
Our childbirth prep instructor, Lynn
Touring the hospital rooms

Waddling around the lake with the doggies at 37 weeks

Next up... our birth story! 
Here's hoping it's A LOT easier to bring this babe into the world than it was to conceive him :)


  1. Love your blog Bren! Can't believe the time has gone by so fast and i can't wait to hold Ollie Bear!

  2. Sooooo Excited about Oliver being able to exit his "quantum space chamber" tomorrow; in his specially designed "earth suit" so we can meet him!
    Brenda, you and Andrew are going to Love parenting!
    You've already proven yourselves to be wonderful parents before Oliver's debut.
    A new world dawns for Oliver, and a new season of life for you and Andrew!
    You bring us Great reason to Rejoice with the telling of Oliver's story!
    He is a Miracle!
    ....eagerly anticipating the first pictures posted of Oliver's Birth Day!
    God is soooo Good to us! B-)


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