4 Months

Oliver is 4 months old!

I can't believe how fast he is growing! He has grown 5" since he was born... I've NEVER grown that much in my whole life! It's super sad to pack up his too small clothes, but four month old Ollie is the BEST!  He is so much more expressive and vocal. He makes sounds that mimic sentences, but it's all jibberish. No "mama" or "dada" yet, despite my best efforts.
He has favorite toys and loves to play. His attention span is about 10 minutes though, so he keeps this mommy on her feet! Going for walks in his baby k'tan carrier, rolling on the floor on his play mat, and bouncing in his exersaucer are all on his happy list this week. He's getting into his teething toys too, but often just crams his whole hand in his mouth if teethers are out of reach.
Very resourceful that one!
 He's very chill, goes with the flow, and usually only cries if he is hungry or tired. He always wakes up from naps "hangry" and I'm the only one who can calm him. Which is super sweet, but will be super inconvenient when I'm back at work next month. Good thing I'm teaching part time! If only I could bring him to work with me :)  Here he is with my students on the last day of school. He's the college bound baldy in the back!

He also attended his first concert last weekend on the beach in Encinitas. We saw Switchfoot, Need to Breathe, and Drew Holcomb. *He was slathered in sunscreen and we sat away from the speakers so no sun burn or ear damage yet.

He wasn't a fan of the freezing Pacific Ocean, Also, we had just seen Shark Week and he has a healthy fear of the water. Not like me; I won't even put my feet in! #sharknadocouldhappen
 He does enjoy lounging in the pool. That's more my speed!
Also this month: Oliver was dedicated while we were up visiting family in Pismo. A baby dedication is a special prayer and blessing for the baby where we thank God for him and ask for His guidance in Ollie's life, dedicating him back to God. Cool side note: it was July 5, exactly one year from the day we transferred our embryos. Extra special! God is faithful!
Up next is a week of training for me at work, Andrew is tutoring and teaching an ESL and SAT class, and then we're going camping with friends right before school starts up.
Any tips for camping with an infant???

Oh, and we're also moving. Again. Every 2 years in August we move! We're still renting because housing prices are bonkers and the whole winning the lottery plan didn't pan out. But we'll be in a condo with a garage, a backyard, 3 bedrooms (finally a proper nursery for Oliver!), and get this: a washer and dryer! Yay! It's the simple things :)

There's also a community pool and spa and a great hiking trail and lakes right across the street. Much more fun for our doggies and Ollie Bear.

Meanwhile, we're putting off packing moving boxes and snuggling this little love bug instead.
4 months old and tons of fun!


  1. The one of Andrew holding him in the pool...ha, dying. What a sweetheart! I'm glad you're enjoing your summer with little Ollie! You'll have to update on the camping thing. We always go every year in October but in thinking we with skip it or leave him with his grandma. I can't figure out where he'd sleep safely.

  2. Ahh so cute!! I must say, four months was when Millie really started being FUN (instead of just cute/sweet/boring newborn haha). I'm so impressed with all of the life experiences Ollie has had already- concerts and beaches and soon camping?! What an adventurous baby!


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