Monterey and Father's Day

Happy Summer from Pismo Beach where we have spent the first 2 weeks of Summer Break with our families! Oliver is loving all the attention and getting plenty of practice posing for the camera :)

We have gone to the beach almost everyday and, as a bonus, humpback whales happen to be vacationing up here as well, so we had some whale sightings.

We celebrated my cousin Naomi's Birthday and Father's Day with family.
These are just a few of the locals, my mom's family is huge!

 Oliver loves spending time with his grandma and great grandma. Here he is discovering how fun it is to pull grandma's hair. In other news, I'll be sporting a "mom-do" shortly.
 Oliver and I met up for a hike with my friends and their kiddos.
 My mom is still learning how to use her selfie stick. Goody.
My Grandma Judy flew out from Akron, Ohio to meet Oliver. So sweet having her here!

We drove a couple hours north to Monterey Bay Aquarium and Oliver loved seeing all the fish, but his most favorite part was looking at the penguins.

 Oliver loved playing with his Aunt Missy!

This weekend we are having Oliver dedicated at church and then heading back to San Diego to enjoy the last few weeks of vacation, or as I call it, maternity leave part 2. Yay!


  1. Beautiful photos <3 You have a gorgeous family.

    I seriously love Monterey. It's such a pretty place. And I love the aquarium. There's so much to see there.

    xo Azu


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