5 months

You guys, I gotta be honest... it just keeps getting BETTER!!!
Every month I'm all "THIS, THIS MONTH is the best!"
For realsies though, month # FIVE is fantastic!
This boy is happy ALL the time. He smiles for the camera like we trained him in utero...
we did in fact train him in utero (hello all those 4d ultrasounds!)

We had our first tent-camping experience. 2 nights at Palomar Mountain. He camped like a champ. And I finally caved and bought the BOB revolution jogger so we could do more rugged hiking trails. Love it! My B-Agile is still my fav for everyday strolling and shopping, but the BOB is great for mud and more involved hikes. In short, I collect ALL the baby gear. No really, we have one baby, but 2 strollers, 6 different carriers (ergo, k'tan, 2 bjorns, 3 slings, etc.), 2 swings, a mamaroo, 2 pack 'n plays, a rock 'n sleep, 2 high chairs and a bumbo, 3 floor mats, and the list goes on. You never know what you're going to need, right? Do I need to be admitted to some kind of hoarders anonymous program? Perhaps.
And it literally takes NOTHING to make this boy happy. I say his name in my most high pitched voice and he squeals. It is the best!


Personality for days, this one. And we are so, so grateful for him and his sweet little spunky spirit. And those chubby cheeks too!