New Home Tour

**This is mostly for my parents who want to see our new place but haven't been able to face time yet**
Last Saturday we packed up our little 2 bedroom apartment and settled into our new 3 bedroom townhome. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack and come along for a quick tour...
We rented the medium sized U-Haul and still had to make 2 trips. We could have made 3. A lot of our stuff is STILL at our old apartment, but we have it through the end of the month so no rush :) #hoarderproblems

We can fit one car in the garage, maybe both once all the boxes are unpacked, but it will be tight. Our washer and dryer are also in the garage which is less than ideal, but I can't complain because hey! Cheers for not having to lug our laundry to the Laundromat! It's the little things.

Here is the front door... not much to look at now, but once I unpack my wreaths and exterior décor we'll spruce it up a bit.

Right when you walk in is a wall of mirrors. Don't let your eyes deceive you, we still only have 2 dogs. And they still LOVE photo bombing all my pictures.

 To the right is the living room, to the left is the garage, and there is under stairs storage and a half bathroom downstairs.  There are 2 bathrooms upstairs, but they are admittedly hideous so there will not be any potty pics. You're welcome. We're talking pastel floral wall paper from 1987, why? Just why?
Living Room
 This living room layout is wonky, but trying to work around a corner fireplace is just plain tricky. I wish we had more seating, but it is what it is. Luckily most of my sitting down time is playing on the floor with Oliver and there's plenty of floor space for that.
The first decorating task I completed was, of course, the "Walliver".  There's a few new pics from the Summer if you zoom in.
 This house is relatively small, like 1,300 square feet, but it has vaulted ceilings and natural light so it doesn't feel too cramped. Oh, and the living room has a hobbit door so there's that!

Dining Room

 The kitchen's not really my style, but que sera... it's not like I spend any time in the kitchen anyway :)
 Thank you Craigslist for all the patio furniture! Let it be said that it was a BEAST to store all of that in our apartment the last couple weeks... I should have taken a picture of that! Let's just say it was not worthy of my "Decorating Small Spaces" board on pinterest.

There's even a small balcony off the master suite where I can sip a cup of tea and read a book. make sure the childproof door is latched securely. It is. Bonus of this place is the last family that lived here had kids and childproofed everything. Yay! My work here is done!

We hang out on the patio a lot and we're looking forward to fun pool days. Here's a little aerial view of the neighborhood...

Back inside... when you go upstairs, the master bedroom is on the left and the other two bedrooms and bathroom are on the right. Oh, I need to rehang those sconces more evenly. Oops. Chalk it up to short people problems. I can't see that high!

The terrifying landing at the top of the stairs... baby proofing that asap!

Oliver's nursery on the left, guest room on the right.

 There's all these weird window ledges in this house... this one holds a changing table perfectly, but I don't know what to do with the other ones. Add a cushion and make a seating area? It makes hanging curtains positively impossible. But yay! I don't have to bother hanging curtains.

We collect old copies of Oliver Twist. And our last name is Hoag, practically hog, so now we collect pigs too I guess :)

 The master bedroom isn't finished yet... not even unpacked yet really. But here's a peek anyway.

The bad news is the closet is full and I still have 16 tuft totes of shoes, clothes, and purses to unpack. Womp womp.

So much work to do! But it's my last weekend of Summer and we're off for a camping trip with friends. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I love it!! I'm always impressed by how quickly you decorate and make a house a home!

  2. Awesome! What a wonderful place to live! :) Thanks for the tour!
    Wouldn't want to have so many mirrors to clean though!!!!
    Happy camping!
    Oh, and thank you so very much for sending that sweet pic of Oliver and I :) <3


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