6 months

Whew! Half a year has gone by in a second!
Our little Ollie Bear is SIX MONTHS OLD today
and we are just as smitten with him as the day we met him.

This month Oliver has become quite ticklish, and is developing a sense of humor. He laughs when raspberry his belly, he laughs when we laugh. Sometimes he just looks at us and laughs. Whatever, we'll take it!
He wears size 6-9 months in most clothes and size 2 in diapers. He goes to daycare 2 days one week and 3 days the next while I am at work. They tell me he doesn't nap regularly, but he's content. Sleep has been all over the place this month. We've had a heat wave in Southern California that has made everyone uncomfortable and restless. Our AC bill was $300 last month. Yikes! Ollie usually wakes up to nurse once or twice each night. It's easier just keeping him in our bed, but I had a goal to get him in his nursery by 6 months.  He slept in his crib once for about 2 hours, so we're working on that one!

 Love those leg rolls and cankles!

Oliver, you are inquisitive, talkative, adventurous, smiley,
and you make our hearts full and happy.