7 months

Oliver is 7 months old and I am 3 months pregnant! And life has been non-stop, crazy busy since the second we found out we are having another baby.
Until we know the gender, we're calling the new baby "BOGO", like buy one get one free. Kind of silly, but we are super excited about our miracle baby Bogey Bear!
We are THRILLED, but we have A LOT to do to prepare! Any wisdom or words of advice on raising two babies 13 months apart is totally welcome :)
Oliver's seven month photo shoot was done this evening after a looong day for both of us, and Ollie Bear is definitely more of a morning person (like his mama), so the pictures reflect that...
The whole "transition to crib" thing has been a complete failure. But live and learn... looks like Oliver will sleep in our bed until he moves out and new baby will go right to their crib from birth. Ha! But seriously, I am not a big proponent of the family bed phenomenon, and somehow we're living it everyday complete with 2 dogs at our feet and a seven month old between us all sprawled out like it's his bed. Maybe we just have to move to the guest room and give him the master. At least he doesn't snore or hog the covers. And he's mostly tiny. Did you catch that he's 28" tall already? I don't like to talk about it, but I am legit only 58" tall. THIS KID IS HALF MY HEIGHT and he's an infant! Dang.
Sweet little (giant) Ollie Bear is not into sitting still. Not even for pictures. Homeboy has been rolling around like crazy and I'm pretty sure he's about to start crawling. What happened to my little baby?!

Our little man is growing up so fast and in 6 months he's going to be the best big brother!


  1. I have been reading your blog for a while but not sure if I have commented. Congrats on baby number 2 and I love the BOGO!! Your little guy is just precious! I often wonder too since we had to do IVF if after we have this one will we be lucky enough to get a miracle after that. Of course then we have the question of what to do about our frozen embies.

  2. Wonderful blog Brennie! Thank you for the happy surprise visit! So happy for our miracle
    BOGO baby....can't wait til Thurs to know if boy or girl! :) You are such an amazing Lady
    and mom! Of course Andrew is a wonderful dad...and person! Ollie is the best baby ever
    and I am so amazed that you are breastfeeding AND pg....and teaching....that beats all! :)
    So proud of you for all you do! Tons of love from our house to yours! <3


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