10 months

Oliver is 10 months old!

This month was monumental in so many ways...

He celebrated his first Christmas and New Year's
Crawls a million miles an hour
Pulls himself to a standing position using anything including tables, chairs, dogs, legs, cabinets, etc.
Getting two top teeth, putting him at 4 teeth total, and kicking the weaning process into overdrive
Waves his hands to say hello and goodbye
Laughs hysterically when we make faces or tickle him
Gives raspberries and then laughs at himself
Knocks books (and everything 3 feet and under) onto the floor
Likes sitting in shopping carts and especially while eating Costco samples
Graduated to a "big boy" carseat
Eats cereal and graham crackers
Had his first fall and bruise on his forehead
Loves to watch Elmo and Daniel Tiger
Notices animals at the Zoo, especially penguins and monkeys
Favorite toys are dinosaurs and dinosaur ride-on toys
Enjoys the swings at the park

 He actually did a good job opening presents on Christmas. He loved all the ribbons!

 He loves Auntie Missy

 His hair is getting long and crazy!

 Nicknames: Ollie Bear, Ollie Boo, Baby Boy, Goober, Monkey, Boo Boo
 Grandma and Grandpa came to visit this weekend and we had so much FUN!!!

 We loved seeing the lions at the Wild Animal Park

 My sweet boy still snuggles up on me for nap time
 He still wonders why I insist on taking SO MANY pictures of him all the time!

 He still sleeps in our bed

We love our baby boy!!!