Happy New Year!

Today is my Birthday and I am excited for another life-changing-in-the-most-amazing-way-year!

My 20's were a lot of fun, but this whole 30's thing is where it's at. Silly side note: I have essentially been pregnant the last three years. We'll see what the next year holds! *Spoiler alert* It's going to hold a mini-van if we keep this streak up!

So welcome 2016 and another precious baby boy in our family!


  1. Happy birthday!! Your 30s have definitely been fantastic!!! Hope you have another wonderful year!

  2. Awesome wonderful pics of Ollie Bear and his soon to be here baby brother!
    What joy this little fella brings to so many hearts! We especially loved your last visit; how very blessed we are! Thank you for your super love for us and all your expressions of it! :) <3


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