11 months

Oliver is 11 months... and 11 days old!

Month #11 has been full of:

standing (and falling)
walking along furniture

new words "dada" and "yeah-ee" like daddy

Daddy is pretty much his favorite person right now

Most nights he falls asleep like this

sleeping in the pack n play a couple of times for a few hours
(still working on transitioning to crib)

waving hello and good bye

trying new foods like chips and guacamole

and Krispy Kreme doughnuts

extra bath times

laughing at the doggies and dropping food for them

meeting cousins

Rearranging the contents of the fridge and kitchen cabinets

wearing 12-18 month clothes

swimming in the pool

Zoo days

climbing the stairs

getting faster and faster as momma gets bigger and bigger

30 weeks with baby Everett

seeing baby brother on the big screen
they look like twins!

just being adorable all the time

Next up is planning his ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!!!

I would be a weepy mess right now just thinking about him turning 1 already, but I get to do it all over again in a minute (or about 7 weeks) with baby brother, so I'm trying to hold it together!
Ollie is sweet and lovable, always smiling, super busy, and his giggles are the best thing ever!