Everett is one month old

 Today our Ever-Bear is 1 month old!

At his most recent check up, Everett was 21" long and weighed 7 lbs 13 oz.
His personality is 100% easy going, He likes to chillax in his bassinet (not a fan of mamaroo or the baby swing yet) and he is a great sleeper. 
*This does not mean we are getting any sleep; remember there are two now!

In fact, we all survived this last month due in large part to our parents taking turns coming to stay with us and help out... THANK YOU mom and dad!!!
 Yesterday was our first day on our own with two boys and there were a couple challenging moments (Andrew may have come home from work to find me standing on the stairs nursing Everett in one arm and carrying Ollie in the other). Multi-tasking or terrifying image? A little column A, a little column B I suppose. Parenting is super glamorous, folks!

Back to our sweet little guy...
 We call him Ev, Evs, Evvie Bear, Baby Boy, Love Bug, and Sweet Sweet.
He legit doesn't know his name yet, so we can call him whatever we want!

 He makes sweet little baby coos and hardly cries, unless he's hungry. Then he screams.
He has long fingers and toes and his hands are always near his face. Just like his ultrasound pictures!

He loves to be swaddled. And I am so excited to finally get some use out of my Aden and Anais swaddle blankets because Ollie hated to be wrapped up.

 His first bath was uneventful and pleasant. I can't wait til he's bigger and I get to throw both boys in the bath tub together. Nothing cuter than a bunch of babies in a tub!

So fun being momma to two baby boys!

 Oliver loves his little brother.

This city select double stroller is the BEST!!!  A must have for 2+ littles.

We've had a few outings as a family of four this month...
 The beach at one week old

The Wild Animal Park at 3 weeks old
If I'm being honest, we're all asleep in this picture. 
Sure, Andrew and my eyes are open, but we're totally sleep walking. 

Speaking of sleep...
 My cute little nappers all in a row.

When Everett isn't sleeping, he looks like this:
Just taking it all in and being sweet.

We are so happy you made us a family of FOUR, sweet Ever-Bear! We love you!!!