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Oh how I have missed this fun, happy space! So many times I've wanted to write and share all that is happening in our little world.
But, you know... time.
No time.
We did make time to go to the snow this week! 
 Sweet, sweet memories I'll always treasure.

Thank God for Instagram and Facebook, or there wouldn't even be pictures to document these crazy days! Even so, there is something special, humbling, therapeutic even, about coming back to this mostly silly blog. I cringe when I think about the early days posting about shoe shopping and slurpees in San Antonio, but my life is nothing if not cringe-worthy so it is what it is.

The last year or so has been full of fun and hard and everything in between. God has been gracious and present like never before and we are grateful. We still cannot believe, after everything we went through and how hopeless it felt at times, that we have two baby boys. What a testimony of His goodness and grace. And our enduring patience, if I'm being honest!

Oliver will be 3 in two weeks (and we are still in the midst of potty training)
but we are still in survival mode. I've come to terms with the fact that I am NOT mom of the year!
I also welcome any and all advice, tips, tricks, and gimmicks that made your toilet training a success. Stories of failures and mishaps are equally encouraging :)

Ollie is still a snuggle bug, loves climbing and building, is obsessed with PJ Masks the theme song sounds remarkably like "TJ Maxx" and sends me subliminal shopping messages. He also has a diet that consists mainly of cheese, is fascinated with the moon and planets He regularly says "it's a waxing gibbous moon, mama.", so he's basically smarter than me already, but he also has approximately 50 pairs of various cartoon and superhero "big boy undies" that are gathering dust indefinitely. So there's that.

Everett will be 2 in April and is still our "What-evs Evs". He is easy going and happiest when he's got a Thomas the Train in one hand and a Lightning McQueen car in the other. He is sweet sweet sweet and wants to do whatever big brother is doing. He loves The Hungry Caterpillar, The Wheels on the Bus, and almond milk. He also loves drawing on the walls and playing peek a boo with the curtains.

Andrew and I are still teaching (college and 2nd grade respectively). I am so thankful to have a wonderful teaching partner so I can be part-time and home with the boys more. We are super happy to be in San Diego and we're always at the zoo. Our house is kind of a zoo, too.

It's nice to pop back over here, if just for a minute. This will always be a silly, special place that reminds me where we've been and what really matters.


  1. I would love to hear suggestions on potty training too! Although my little guy is closer to 2 (27 months) I feel like this is going to be difficult to accomplish. It's great to read an update from you!

  2. So good to hear from you!! :) Your boys are adorable!!

  3. Ditto to Erika- I love hearing from you and am thankful I can follow along on fb/insta in the meantime! I for sure gave up any possibility of being MOTY during potty training, so I'm right there with you. The good news is you'll be prepared to do it again in less than a year ;)


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