California Here I Come!!!

This is no April Fool's people!  Tomorrow morning I'm flying from San Antonio to San Luis Obispo and I haven't been home since Christmas, so I can barely contain my excitement!

This is me and my mom at Pismo Beach in January.
We always do silly poses and take a bajillion pictures.  Can't wait to share some new ones next week!

The only downside is I'm going by myself because Andrew has school.
{sidenote: Andrew is finishing his first year at UTSA getting his PhD in English Literature... hence the reason why we moved to Texas.}

Here he is last week sharing a research presentation at a conference on campus.

I'm very proud of him and I will miss him, but I will be living it up in California so he will miss me more :)
Now onto more important things... packing! 
This is my new Kathy Van Zeeland carry on
and I'm stuffing it full of Summer dresses and sandals in hopes that "if I pack it, the sun will come." Call it wishful packing, but it works. Or I'll freeze my tuchis off and have an excellent excuse to go shopping for a new climate corrected outfit. Either way I get more clothes. Win Win!!!
Any excuse to shop!  Which brings me to this:
SLO Swap Meet (circa 2006) with Auntie V, Hoagie-Bear, and Andrew LaGraff
San Luis Swap Meet Oh how I've missed you!!!
Please have bargains waiting for me and delicious strawberries with whipped cream and kitschy antiques and classics like that funny old man, Ron, who wears cut off denim shorts like daisy duke and smokes a cigar. No joke.
Seriously, this place is amazing just for the people watching alone!
Signing off from the lone star state and heading onto the movie star state =)
Lots of fun events coming up!!!


  1. Yay !! I'm the official First Poster. I told you should start a are so witty and funny (at least to me) and it keeps all your loved ones updated! And I would like to say that the swap meet story is no joke. Always something to see.
    Can't wait to see my Brennie! and of course love to my Andrew and Maddie!


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