Mahalo Maui Aloha Alamo

I heart Hawaii. Maui was the bomb dot com and we had so much fun celebrating Kathryn's 60th Birthday!

Andrew and I on a typical Friday afternoon

Happy Birthday Kathryn!

Andrew sporting snorkel gear and mistakenly thinking he's working it.

Watching the sunrise at Haleakala

Freezing my bum off at Haleakala

Andrew and his dad on the road to Hana

Another waterfall on the road to Hana.

Andrew and his sister singing karaoke in Lahaina.
Maui may not be ready for the vocal explosion that was these two singing
Smashing Pumpkin's "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"
Stick with a tacky country song next time :)

Of course, lots of jumping pictures. This one at Black Sand Beach.

Rae and Leah discover the only thing better than krispy kreme doughnuts are
coconut creme krispy kremes in Hawaii.

Andrew, meet Lava Flow. And a beautiful friendship was formed.
So anyway, we're back.  Andrew begins his second year of classes at UTSA next week and I will be covering an 8th grade algebra class for 6 weeks. Vacation time is over and reality is cruel... Practicing my introduction for class on Monday: "Welcome to 8th grade. You're gonna hate it."