Siebdawgs in San Antonio

So, my mom and dad came out to visit us last week and we were SOOOO happy to see them! Especially this girl :)
We all know they were just as happy to see the puppy as they were to see the humans
We did all the best things there are to do in Texas...
eat, shop and, well, eat some more.

Z Tejas - We ordered 4 of everything :)

- Mom and Dad at Natural Bridge Caverns -
see the cool natural bridge over their heads

Dad and Mom at Salt Lick BBQ in the Hill Country of Austin
basically George W.'s backyard :)

At the Capitol Building in Austin

Food Trucks on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin.

Max Lucado at Oak Hills Church

LuLu's Bakery and Cafe. YUMMMMMMY

Sadly, we were unable to complete our cinnamon roll mission.
We only ate 3/4 of it. :(
Visiting our friends that make living in Texas so much more fabulous!


Riverboat tour

We toured the Alamo

Daddy and Andrew touring the grounds of the Alamo
 or whatever that place is called
Andrew and my dad are history buffs, so they much enjoyed sharing random facts about the history of this sacred ground. {The only tidbit I remembered was that Ozzy Osbourne drunkenly took a whiz on one of the walls at the Alamo and is no longer permitted to play concerts in the Lonestar state.} **PS, they don't tell you that in the tour guidebook**

Meanwhile, while the boys were chatting about history, me and my mom were busy doing our classic jumpshot photos.
jumping at the alamo

We jumped all over the place!
The Mall

The Capitol

At the other mall

In Austin

At our picnic
I don't remember when our love for jump photos started.
Reviewing the archives, I think it was here...
New Orleans, January 2004

No, Andrew would probably tell you it was here:
Jordan and Andrew at Hendricks' wedding in March 2007
Either way, we'll probably keep jump-photo-ing forever!

Mom and dad,

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for coming to visit us!  We miss you everyday and will always remember all the fun we had while you were here! (I've especially been remembering it every morning when I can't button my clothes because I ate waaaayyy too much!)
Throw on your terrific Texas Tees and come back and see us Y'all!!!