Hello Monday

It's the start of another fabulous week and I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard. (Love her blog!) Here's what we're saying hello to on this warm Monday morning:

Hello lots of sunshine!

Hello 90* temperatures... at least we're out of the 100s :)

Hello McDonald's ice cream cones.
Yeah, we're going to be eating lots of these this week!
I wish it would cool down faster so I could wear this little beauty

Hello finally catching up on reading (remember that entreleadership book I picked up here)...
and snuggling with puppy.

Hello sparkly silver. I need more of you in my life!

Hello silly notes from students that make me giggle.

Hello finally organizing the pantry. Long overdue.
Next up: the junk drawer. Don't hold your breath.
 Hello Maddie Bear
Hello puppy begging for bites. Goodbye german potato salad with extra bacon. Yum!

Hello cute little puppy leaping across the yard. She thinks she's a kangaroo!
Hello puppy kisses (right up the nose!)
Hello packing for Cancun (I leave on Saturday!)
Hello silly gossip magazines You know, for the plane ride :)

Hello ensembles on notecards. (very rough sketches, but they work)
After I wear the outfit I throw out the notecard.
Vacation solution to avoid wearing the same thing everyday.
Hello costume party with friends. Still deciding on costumes for hubby and me.
 Hope you're saying hello to a mahvalous last week in October!