Finally Friday

This has been one loooooonnnnnnng week. Andrew started his final semester of classes (don't feel too bad for him, he had a 4 week Christmas break) and teaching has been keeping me extra busy. The attention span of a 6th grader is a constant challenge... I've exhausted all of my silly voices during read alouds and I've resorted to a capella singing the day's activities just to mix it up a little.

**For the record, (in my most mary poppins-y voice to the tune of spoonful of sugar) "Just a paragraph on the summary helps your english grade go up, your english grade go up, in the most insightful way" is not their favorite song. Nor is it mine. Nor are their grades going up. I love the word nor; teaching english has it's perks.**

So aside from tormenting middle schoolers with my lovely vocal arrangements, I also managed to complete a few more of those radical new year's resolutions.

Here are this weeks accomplishments...

 *Still needs another coat of paint, but done for now*

 I know this doesn't really count, but it's a start.

 I even got new running shoes
because our friends are trying to get us to do some 5 k's coming up
(we'll see)

And we have visitors coming next month!!!

Happy Weekend!!!