With every new year comes new year's resolutions.  I've never made a new year's resolution mostly because it's sort of anticlimactic how they're rarely all that effective and always super vague like "lose weight", "don't drink caffeine", and "save money."

All that could be destroyed with one quick trip to Starbuck's spending $6 on a trenta caramel frappucino with extra whipped cream. {overpriced fatty coffee}
Yum. Not making that resolution.

However, with 2012 promising to bring on the end of the world and all (see here), what's the harm in making a few fun new year's resolutions? 

{And you know they must be fun so that I will actually do them}

Without further ado here they are:

New Year's Resolutions 2012

1- Eat more ice cream because it's delicious and makes me happy. Ooh and gelato too.  
I  know that the "more" is vague, but when the topic is desserts it's perfectly acceptable to keep it limitless. 

2- Organize (and maintain) my closet. Hmm, initially this one sounds dull but last time I cleaned out the closet I found a whole bunch of cute things I totally forgot I had. It's like free shopping! (Unfortunately not the case when organizing the fridge. Expired food rarely comes back in style next season.)

3- Learn to cook something fancy. Moment of truth: I have 38 cookbooks and have yet to actually cook something. Come on, no surprise there. (I do bake a lot though and have thus justified my beautiful limited edition pink kitchen aid mixer time and time again!)

4- Date night once a week. Coincidentally this may end up being the default dinner on the night that I actually attempt cooking a meal (see resolution #3)

5- Take more pictures of Maddie Bear. OMG she's so cute!

6- Fly somewhere I've never been before. It has to be somewhere far away, hence the plane. Phoenix airport DOESN'T count.

7- Manicure and pedicure once a month. - Thank you mama for the gelish polish kit that makes this so much more convenient and affordable :)

8- Send one snail mail card or letter a week. I miss old school mail.
(Birthday cards count. Electric bills don't count.)

9- Not cut my hair for a whole year. (Health trims don't count)
I always want my hair longer but get really impatient waiting for it to grow out.

10- Paint a wall. Renter-Schmenter, I want an accent wall!

11- Have a yard sale and use the money I make to buy Andrew a new car.
(probably hot wheels- it's the thought that counts.)

12- Read 3 books, just for fun.

13- Make something I found on pinterest

14- Learn a silly expression in another language and turn it into everyday vernacular.
15- Acknowledge the fact that I can't see and actually wear my glasses.

16- Go to an awesome concert {word on the street is that these guys are doing a reunion tour and I am so there!!!}

17- Drive to New Orleans. We live so close (8 hour drive) and have talked about going there since we moved to Texas. This year, we're doing it!

18- Spend one whole day each week month in my pajamas. Starting today :)

19- Go on a camping trip. I'm not exactly nature girl, but any excuse for s'mores and uggs and I'm there! 

20- To be determined... probably something to do with expanding my shoe collection.

All those resolutions might be a little ambitious,
but when all else fails I'll resort back to resolution #1...
ice cream is the most important meal of the day!

Happy 2012!!!


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