This week

This week I...
Turned 28 and celebrated my birthday with friends

  and krispy kremes and cupcakes

Started a long term sub job teaching 6th grade english

And needed a lot of this
Got "pinspired" by this pretty creation... a vintage brooch bouquet

Love my tutoring job!!!
A nice little break from those precious 6th graders :)

Watched the movie Contagion
and sanitized my house like a crazy person

Watched the movie Midnight in Paris
(not to be confused with Paris Hiltons *ahem* movie - one night in paris)

And I know where I want to go for my 30th Birthday

Decorated for Valentine's Day / Still haven't put the Christmas tree away
What? Christmas is over and we're almost half way through January.
Well I guess I didn't get the memo :-) 

I have been pretty good about keeping up with my new year's resolutions.
Here's some I accomplished this week:

Yeah it's a book for 12 year olds, but it's in the curriculum and it counts.
I plan on reading lots more books now that
I have a kindle - courtesy of Andrew and the Hoags :)
But for now I'm mostly mastering my skills at Angry Birds. Check out that high score!
{And giggling at the fart app}

Happy Friday!