Healthy Eating or Bust

Andrew and I eat pretty healthy... or so I thought, until I started a mental food log to bust bad food habits and hopefully bust my bubble butt in the process.  I will spare you the boring details, but pop tarts, pizza, and potato chips are all repeat offenders and have left me busting out of my clothes. Boo :(

So, if January was all about eating ice cream and February was all about visitors and eating out, March needs to be about eating healthy and exercising (or busting a move, as I like to call it.)

Where to begin?...

Initially I thought about the vegetarian approach, not just for the health reasons, but because I love animals and how can you eat something that you love? (Except of course, in the case of bacon. joking :)  But let's get real here, I live in Texas: bbq capital of the world and I'm not quite ready to go completely vegetarian just yet. However, I will cut out all beef and pork products, and that's a good start. (shh, don't tell - they might revoke my Texas citizenship)

I'm not very good at crazy dietary restrictions, so starting out I will stick to 3 simple rules:
1. Reduce the amount of icky processed foods I eat
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
3. No sugar (that will be the toughest... bye bye lucky charms)

Where to end?...

Cabo San Lucas' white sand beaches are fast approaching in May, and my mom just got a fancy canon DSLR camera that takes a thousand pics a minute, which means there will be a thousand chubby beach pictures of me. Bleh. I can see the FB album now "brennie (breached) at the beach" flashback to the nickname "brenda whale" ugh.  So May is my self imposed deadline to bust some lbs.  In addition to boring better eating, I will have to incorporate some kind of exercising too. But, on a scale of 1 to 10, exercise makes me want to throw up.  I'll leave it at that.

To my faithful followers (all 4 of you :)  Don't worry, Hoags & Kisses is a happy place full of mostly silly things and the current events in our lives. It is not about to become completely corrupted by boring posts about healthnut stuff. {minus this post, obvi.} I just wanted you to know why I'm going to be so cranky for the next 8 or so weeks. {tummy grumbles}

Here's to clean eating...
starting tomorrow!