Well hello February!
You are quite the busy little month.
Here's a bit of what we've been up to:
 Getting ready for Valentine's Day

 Fun game night with friends from UTSA
Congratulations to Magda for her acceptance into UCLA's PhD program :)
 Superbowl party with friends

I gotta say: I don't like either team (SD Chargers fan, what what!) and didn't really care who won. But I definitely won at eating "New England (Patriots) Clam Chowder", "Ocho Cinco De Mayo chips and dip", and "New York (Giants) hot dogs." (Excellent job Katie and Jeremy!)

There were a couple good commercials too. I loved Betty White's cameo in The Voice promotion (not enough to actually watch The Voice though.)
My favorite was this one 

The rest of the week was just spent working and mostly not shopping, as per my last post.
Boo hoo hoo.

Oh, I have also been playing a lot of Words with Friends on my kindle.

Did I mention I'm an undefeated champion? {toot toot - my horn}
If only I could apply that same fervor to tidying up around here.

I guess I'm still waiting for them to invent a housecleaning app.
*holds breath*