Resolution #2

Organize my closet

I made good on my promise in yesterday's post and spent the better part of the evening cleaning out the closet. It is all for the best that there are no "before" photos. If this mess is the after, you can only imagine what it looked like before!

I have one word for y'all: OUCH
And I'm not just referring to the pain involved in trying to fit into my jeans that have mysteriously shrunk over the years. I also managed to bruise both my shins while moving random boxes and thus highly recommend taking a naproxen prior to embarking on any further organization projects.

The good news: I got rid of 4 tuff totes (sp) of clothing and accessories and can now work on resolution # 11 (the one about the yard sale) I have til Summer to complete that one.

I also found this little treasure tucked away in my closet: The bump it
The hair accessory for snooki wannabes and midgets everywhere.
I found that if I stacked two bump-its together and put on my highest pair of heels, I stood 5'5"
(the height of a normal short person!) 
Look out Marge Simpson!
Just so everyone knows, Andrew does in fact have a portion of the closet.
(Waaaayyyy in the back!)