It's always Tuesday

Is it just me, or does it seem like it's always Tuesday?

      This week is draggggging on soooo slowly.

      So I took today off   {gotta love subbing!}

Can you believe the Bachelor?  Where do they find these people?

I haven't watched it in years...

seriously, the last season I saw was when Trista picked Ryan.
Pretty sure that was when I was in highschool.

Speaking of highschool, I think my 10 year reunion is coming up. Actually, I'm positively certain it is because my facebook inbox is plagued with comments pertaining to it.

Am I really that old? {gulp}

Do people still go to highschool reunions? Or has social media made them obsolete?  I'm pretty sure I could just as easily facebook stalk any one of the goonies I went to school with, as exchange awkward pleasantries with them at Biddle Park.

Just kidding. 
**********I really do want to go, my vote is for early August*********

Afterall, there are a few people who refuse to get a fb account for my stalking pleasure (Brett Bojduj, I'm referring to YOU. Where the heck are ya?)

Now back to my terrific Tuesday of bon bons and bachelor - minus the bon bons, as I'm still trying to eat healthier as promised here.