Way Back Whensday

7 words for y'all:

"Is this chicken, or is this fish?"

This week we're looking back at the Summer of 2004 when Newlyweds was my favorite show and Nick and Jessica were the it couple.

I won tickets on the radio to see Miss Simpson at the fair and my best friend Ashley, my mom, and I all attended the concert.

Ryan Cabrera was the opening act
(remember, he dated Ashlee Simpson way back when.)

Sadly, he is definitely more remembered for his outrageous hair than anything else.

The concert was alright. Free's free

The real highlight was seeing Nick :)

Guilty Pleasure: I still have all the seasons of newlyweds on dvd
and I would totally watch them again!


  1. this show was a total guilty pleasure for me,my husband had no idea why I watched it and would roll his eyes every single time


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