10 Year Reunion: A paradox

10 years ago...

I went to prom.
I graduated Highschool.
I was 18.
I crashed my car. a lot.

10 years ago seems like forever ago and it seems like last weekend.
That is the paradox.

And now we have the momentous 10 year reunion approaching. {I mentioned it here.}
But I'm not sure I'm ready for a reunion.

Plus there's been unnecessary upheaval over who is organizing it and when it is even happening.
We probably aren't going just because of the logistics... we'll be in California July and August but the reunion is in September (at this point, but it changes everyday!) Leave it to the class of 2002 to procrastinate... our reunion just might end up being in 2013 :)

First of all, I don't know if we really need a reunion.  I still keep in pretty close contact with all of my friends from forever ago. {And I don't mean just checking in on facebook; real phone calls, real visits, real life. I have a reunion everytime I go home. Which is every chance I get!}

Second of all, I'm not ready for a reunion because I'm not where I thought I would be.
Call me crazy, but when I graduated high school I thought:

In 10 years...

I would be married.
I would have a house.
I would have kids.
I would have a lot more money in my savings account.
I wouldn't crash cars anymore (in my defense, I am a much better driver now but it's all relative)
I would live by the beach.
I would have a great job that allowed me to work from home.
bla bla bla

Yes, I realize now that I was crazy to think that.

Let's just see how right I was.

Right now...

I got married (after 7 years of dating. Yikes! That really put my 10 year plans in a time crunch)
I rent a house (after 8 years of living in teeny tiny apartments)
I have a dog. (no kids)
I have no savings. (hooray for college and cute shoes)
I still am a lousy driver. (but haven't had a car accident since 2001. woo hoo!)
I live in Texas, nowhere near the beach. San Antonio is, in fact, the opposite of a beach town.
I teach 6th grade. unless I homeschool my imaginary children, I will not be working from home.

Sometimes life doesn't work out exactly like you plan.
Sometimes life doesn't work out anything at all like you plan.

Was I stupid to think all those things?

Was my time frame unrealistic?
I don't know.

Am I right where I'm supposed to be?

10 years post graduation and not a lot has changed.

That can be a reason to get bummed out, or it can be a reason to dig up old photos and giggle at the silly kids we once were and the silly kids we still are. (see prom pics in next post...)

The fact of the matter is, I just don't feel old enough to be going to any reunion!
Get back to me in another 10 years :)