Hello Monday

Summer came early in Texas...   Again.

Hello Hot & Humid

Hello Elmo themed Birthday party.
 Awesome cake, Katie!

Hello cute puppy who weighs over 7 lbs!
She's getting groomed on Friday and I suspect she'll lose a few ounces of fluff.

Hello packing for Cabo. 11 days away :)

Hello busy husband finishing papers and finals

Hello season finales...

Really looking forward to How I Met Your Mother and Revenge - guilty pleasures.

Hello chillaxing in the pool.

Yes, after that whole ordeal we settled on a little wading pool. Go figure!
Maddie's not too sure what to think of it.

Hello Switchfoot concert next week...

Looking back, I've see them more than any other band...
11 concerts in the last 13 years. Yes, They're that good!

Hello Birthday Girl Ashley
Have a very Happy Birthday week
and an amazing 1/2 marathon next weekend!

Hello yummy lunch with hubbs this afternoon

{I love this teaching job, perk #1: hour and a half lunch break!}

Hello new HEB plus super grocery store

Everything is bigger in Texas

Hello gorgeous sunset walks (when it cools down to 85* at 9 pm)

Hello May and the end of the school year and the beginning of Summer.
Bring it on!