Resolution #13

Make something I found on pinterest.

Summer break has given me a much needed chunk of time to reflect, relax, rejuvenate piddle around and waste time on pinterest. I stumbled across this simple project called DIY Chalkboard Mirror and gave it a go.

*It should be stated that were I too in fact copy this chalkboard
it would say something like "Baby, it's hotter than hell outside!"
to adjust for San Antonio Summer Standards :)
First I went to Michael's and bought some (spray) painting supplies (about $7 each). I've done painting projects in the past and am way more partial to the spray can than the traditional can of paint. Plus it doubles as nail polish when you get it all over your hands. Gelish lasts 2 weeks, but spray paint lasts forever!

Then I found some old picture frames I wanted to "repurpose" as chalkboards and went crazy.

It ended up being a really fun, simple afternoon project.
But now I want to chalkboard paint everything!

These are a few of the images that came up when I conducted a search
for "chalkboard paint everything"

Off to finish my other resolutions... perhaps some shoe shopping!