2013 Resolutions

With the overwhelming success of last year's resolutions {every single one completed with the exception of #11: have a yard sale... luckily my parents had a garage sale in August and sold some of my stuff so I decided that counts, especially since they gave me the proceeds. Wads of money and no exertion on my part is what I call winning at having a yard sale! We also just booked a trip to New Orleans in February so that takes care of resolution # 17} I decided to make resolutions for this new year as well.

Ok so after much deliberation we decided to only pick one resolution.
The resolution to end all resolutions.

In 2013 we resolve to

Sounds simple and non-resolution-ee but those 5 little words encompass a whole host of mini resolutions:

Mini-resolution #1: Get rid of approximately half of everything we own.

Pretty harsh, but the reality of moving from a big house to a tiny apartment is that every square foot counts. Translation: no more purse room. Yes, I designated an entire bedroom for purses. Don't judge, some people have home offices but I chose Dior instead of desks and Prada instead of printers. It's a matter of personal preference. Regardless, it's one of the many things we're throwing off our fiscal cliff.  This mini-resolution is number 1 because it is doubtlessly going to be the most difficult item on the list for me. Remember, I am a pack-rat.

Mini-resolution #2: Find a place to live.

After a quick trip down to San Diego last weekend when we checked out several apartment complexes and condos we realized that our demands are many and our resources are few. For example, our very first apartment in San Diego was $900 a month. That same apartment is now $1200 per month. Keep in mind, it was 700 square feet, basically the size of a garage. Our house in Texas in 2300 square feet with a garage for $1200. Minor MAJOR adjustments are in order. Apparently you can go home again, but it will cost you $1600 for a one bedroom shack extra!

Mini-resolution #3: Find a job.

We're both teachers. I have a k-6 credential and Andrew teaches college writing and literature classes. Right now our plan is just to return to our previous employment (For Andrew: our alma mater Point Loma Nazarene University above). We'll know more about teaching opportunities in the coming months.

Mini-resolution #4: Make sure Andrew finishes all of his school crap before we move in July.

One of the main reasons we are able to move back to San Diego is that Andrew will be completing his qualifying exams in April and that is the last thing he needs to be in Texas for pertaining to his PhD. He can write the dissertation from anywhere so we chose to move home. Translation: Hoagie-Bear needs to get his bum in gear because me and Maddie are moving back to SD with or without him :)

Mini-resolution #5: Have fun and throw the best "moving back to California" party ever!

It just so happens that Andrew is turning 30 the week before we move so 2013 is going to be the year of parties. This is my favorite mini-resolution and I might just go blind nil and predict that it very well may be the only resolution I complete on this whole list.

2013 is going to be a great year!
Bring on the parties!


  1. OMG YOU HAVE A PURSE ROOM!?!??!?! You are insane!! I have like...5 purses, with 3 of them being too old and worn out to actually ever use again. I think you should have a big ol' online blog/FB purse sale. OR maybe you could lend out a few bags to say, bloggers across the country with extra space...and they could BABYSIT the bags for you until such a time as you a) need the bag or b) get rich and get a place with enough space to hold The Collection. Great idea, right? I might know someone interested in babysitting a purse or 3, also!! :)

    1. Ha! Get your fabulous self out to Texas and bring a couple goodie bags because I will load 'em up with fun stuff!

    2. Like I need any more temptation to come to Texas...sheesh!! But seriously, you should move back to CA because I have never had a friend in CA (and therefore never been there)...and I have a hunch you would definitely be able to host me in style, so...I may invite myself out for a CA visit!

  2. Did I hear Party? ;)


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