Saturday, January 12, 2013


Thursday was my Birthday.

And I had this song stuck in my head all day...

Because the day's festivities included all of my favorite things!!!
 La Cantera and Northstar Mall
Barnes & Noble gets honorable mention because our internet at home hasn't been working since we returned from our travels so I used B&N's free Wi-Fi to read all my facebook b-day messages and am actually writing this post in their Starbucks right now :)  In other news: I hate Time Warner, but will not let them ruin my birthday week.
I LOVE Auntie Anne's Pretzels! Bonus: there was a super sale at Bath and Body Works and I
scored a bunch of yummy smelling candles (the three-wick ones that are the best ever!) Unfortunately they are not good smelling enough to combat my dragon breath from the garlic pretzel.
It's my party and I'll reek if I want to!

Our friend Jesse is staying with us this week.
I'll get back to more on that later, but just rest assured he is not a random stranger in our pictures :)

We went to Chart House (same place we went for our 5 year anniversary) for happy hour and got to see the city from way up high. It was super fun, but I felt like the tower was falling over after I downed a pomegranate martini and a fleur de lis (pineapple drink above in the spirit of our upcoming New Orleans trip).  Almost 30 and still a 2 drink maximum. Some things never change! 
 And then it got even better... I got a bunch of my favorite presents!!!
2 new Coach purses, a Tory Burch purse, sunglasses, an amazon gift card, and 2 free birthday gifts from Sephora (I went to 2 malls so they gave me 2 gifts :)
Not pictured: 2 cute belts from Ann Taylor, 2 pairs of shoes from Nine West, a keurig and k cups, and a plethora of gift cards!
 Lots of Birthday Love!!!
2013 is off to a great start
and I think 29 is going to be my favorite!

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  1. AUNTIE ANNE'S IS MY FAVORITE SNACK TOO!!!!!!!!!!! Let's get together and eat ungodly amounts of giant soft pretzels, eh? OK. Moving on. I can see why you have a purse problem and require a purse ROOM! Holy cow girl! How is getting 3 new purses going to help you in your goal to purge purses?! I want you to do a blog about each purse and also the thought process that guides you in choosing a purse for each day/week/however often you rotate them. I am totally intrigued here. Looks like you had a totally fab birthday-- 29 is going to be awesome!


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