Hello Monday

Hello Easter egg hunt.

Hello leaf-blowing all the confetti away. I still had some in my hair today!

Hello April showers.
Hello reading
Surprise... I actually read a book! It was pretty good. A little lot disturbing.
Makes me want to go back and re-watch Desperate Housewives. Lots of plot twists in this one.
Hello quick trip to Costco where I went to pick up only one thing... a salad.
Everything else was a bonus :) 
Hello laundry.
Maddie is super helpful you can see. And by helpful I mean she lays on all the warmy clothes after they're folded. All the dog beds in the world, but she chooses a pile of clothes. Go figure.
Hello evening walks and loving that it stays light out til 9.
Oops. I'm such a cheater, I even stand on my tippy toes in sneakers.
Hello pink and springtime!
Hello baking.
Hello healthy eating
{obviously after I finished chowing down on all that yummy stuff plus a delicious Easter dinner!}
As per my 30|30 list, I have committed to this month of April being my 30 days of eating {mostly} healthy.
If it's a success, I'll let you know how it goes :)
Hello less than 3 months until we move back home.
Is it too early to start packing?
Hope y'all have an awesome week!


  1. Wooo you read Gone Girl!! Glad you enjoyed it and found it disturbing. :) That proves you're not totally psycho and morally corrupt. :) Love that trip to Costco...way to stick to the list!!


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