30 Before 30

I am officially less than one year from the big 3-0!

Rather than get all sentimental and sappy {because let's be honest, in my old age I don't have much time to waste on weeping. kidding. Everyone knows 30 is the new 10!} Nevertheless I am choosing to focus on the fun times ahead and compile the ever-so-popular 30 before 30 list comprised of 30 lofty goals I hope to accomplish before I turn 30.

Here is the official list:

1. Visit 30 states. These are the states I've already visited, so I feel pretty good about this one.

2. Run 30 miles. Not all at once. Maybe 3 miles x 10 or .2 miles x 150. What? These goals need to be doable. :)

3. Read 30 books. This is a little ambitious, so US weekly counts.

4. Move back to CA and get settled, unpacked, and decorated in 30 days or less. This is part of my New Year's Resolution.

5. Buy 30 new pairs of shoes.

6. Eat {mostly} healthy for 30 days.

7. Narrow my purse collection down to my favorite 30. I think I have almost double that so this will be tricky. Purses have feelings, you know.)

8. Cook 30 meals. Mac n Cheese counts. But not microwave popcorn, I gotta draw the line somewhere!

9. Spend a total of 30 days on vacation. 2013 promises some fun trips (New Orleans, Boston and the northeast coast, and maybe Hawaii. This is my favorite item on the list!)

10. Shop at 30 different Ross stores. Ross is my favorite, TJ Maxx and Marshall's too. I actually compiled many of the contents of this list while standing in line at Ross :) There are 12 in San Antonio alone so I'm almost halfway there already!

11. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Warning: get ready for some pretty boring musings ahead!

12. Make 30 things from pinterest. Food counts which also counts towards my cook 30 meals. Double whammy!

13. Put $30 a month into my Birthday fund and use the proceeds to go to Disneyland. Or blow it all at Ross. Either way, win!

14. Get a real plant (all my greenery is fake. I'm calling myself out here) and keep said plant alive for at least 30 days.

15. Watch 30 movies I haven't seen before.

OK, I'm over the "30" theme. Here's some things I want to do just once:

16. Go on a crazy shopping spree at Ikea. So I actually would like to do this everyday, but once is enough for my wallet!

17. Use my sewing machine. It's been collecting dust since I broke a needle during my last seamstress escapade.

18. Pierce my nose or upper ear. This was suggested by my middle school students. First they said tattoo, but I already have one. Then they said 30 tattoos. I'll stick with the piercing.

19. Post a video on youtube.

20. Eat a beignet {or several} at CafĂ© Du Monde.

21. Ride the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier.

22. Skype with my mom. We are both pretty technologically inferior, so this is going to be harder than it sounds. But I'm pretty sure both our laptops have a webcam installed, so that helps.

23. Get a suntan. I am having sun withdrawals in this never ending winter freeze. I swear I'm vitamin d deficient already!

24. Climb a mountain... and turn around a la Stevie Nicks :)

25. Go to San Diego Zoo. This was one of my favorite things to do when we lived in San Diego.

26. Spa Day - thank you Amie for the suggestion! I could definitely use this. I haven't had a spa day since the day before my wedding. Long overdue!

27. Crash a wedding - thank you Sara for making my list a little more interesting/ potentially arrest-worthy :)

28. Go ice skating on the beach in Coronado

29. Ghost-write a memoir for Maddie. Her story is truly remarkable. Clifford the Big Red Dog has got nothin' on her. It's all about Maddie the Small White Maltese.

30. Open for suggestions...

Looks like I have A LOT of shopping, travelling, and eating to do! So just like any other year... but now I feel I have such purpose in life! I'm looking forward to 30!!!


  1. You are so ambitious!! ...with your shopping. :) But seriously- I'm jealous of all your travel plans already! Holy cow! We don't have ANY travel planned yet. Also...ice skating on a beach? That's a thing? So wild!

  2. Great list!! But I'm wondering if you need to add "#31 - Win the lottery or rob a bank" in order to accomplish these? Ha, either way, I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading about your adventures!


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