Impromptu Yard Sale

We were walking Maddie last night and noticed these posters that advertised a giant neighborhood community yard sale event in our neighborhood going on April 6. Which is today, by the way.

A little more than 12 hours notice would have been great, but I managed to get up at 6 this morning and throw a pretty decent garage sale. *Decent for no prep time anyway*

I didn't even have time to make signs and people were buying up all my stuff by 7 (in the dark). People are crazy! Combined with the fact that I am a generous pricer... "$1 for everything" makes people super happy. I like people to be happy :)

I was hoping to make about $200 to put towards our moving fund for July. (But then I bought a camera and booked a beach vacation which led to buying 3 new swimsuits and well yeah. So the money's already gone.)
By 8:30 we made $240 and I called it a day.

It's 9:00 now and I have already put up the "FREE" sign and will donate what's left.
I may have closed shop early so that I could cruise the neighborhood and check out the other sales.
Ok so that's EXACTLY what I did!


  1. OMG!! $240 on like an hour's prep?!? I'm so jealous. I've had yardsales with lotttts more prep than that and waaaaay less profits! Also I seriously wish I were your neighbor. I could do some damage at your generously-priced yardsale!


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