4 weeks y'all

With less than a month until we move, I think a final home tour is in order. Also, I'm majorly slacking on packing so hopefully this will help document my progress in the coming weeks and give me the kick in the pants I need to get a move on. Literally.

The first thing you need to know about this house is that it is on Dublin Field. The problem is all the streets around us are called Dublin Ledge, Dublin Green, Dublin place, and Dublin Court. Selling furniture on Craigslist has been a real joy this week... "Um, I'm super lost, did you say Dublin Landing?"  "No. In fact, that is the only Dublin something that doesn't exist. Kudos to you!" I should just give our stuff away for free as a prize for finding our house!
 It should also be noted that the streets that don't begin with Dublin begin with Geneva... Geneva Sound, Geneva Moon, Geneva Ford, and Geneva Vale. {Random, right?} I guess someone in the street naming committee was really pulling for Switzerland, but Ireland won. Meanwhile if you happen to actually be from Dublin or Geneva, you would be none too impressed with our little corner of San Antonio. It's like they want to rub in the fact that we don't live in paradise. It's June 1st and 95* with no beach in sight. We're aware.

Moving on with the tour... This is what you see when you walk in.
Pics on the left were from when we first moved in. Before I went on a paint-everything-white kick. Also when patio furniture was our indoor seating option. A simpler time.

Just past the entry is the living room to the left, a stairway to the immediate right, and the dining room/kitchen/ half bath/laundry room/garage further to the right. 
On second thought, here's a floor plan to give you an idea of layout.
The thick lines are half-wall room dividers. 

  The kitchen picture is from when we first moved in. Just imagine every surface covered with dishes, pots, pans, and filth and that's what it actually looks like right now. Can you blame me for not wanting to document that?!
At the top of the stairs is this awful eye-sore of an air conditioning unit. The first thing I did when we moved in was hang a curtain and mirror to block it out. (Don't worry, when we run the a/c I pull the curtain away).

Once you're upstairs, the master bedroom is on the right and the upstairs landing/wasted space is on the left. I am going to miss having all the extra space! Our entire apartment in San Diego will likely not be much bigger than this bedroom :(
No more shoe room :( 
No more yard for Maddie Bear :(
But we finally get to go home 
and see our families whenever we want without driving for 2 days. 
Moving is so bittersweet. 

Hard to believe it was a little over 2 years ago that we moved into this house. Here are some pictures from our first "home tour".  Looking back, Texas was mostly a fun adventure and we knew all along that it would be temporary so we made the most of it. Turns out I also made the most of living next to a TJ Maxx Home Goods and we are going to need A LOT more moving boxes!


  1. You have made a beautiful home for the two of you during your time in San Antonio. Too bad California beach living involves such tight quarters!

  2. Your house is gorg and I would totally buy all your furniture off you if I wasn't a 2 day drive in the other direction. :) Can't wait to see how you decorate the new place and maximize your living space there!!

  3. Brennie! Your home is SO beautiful!!! I love how Maddie Bear is in the picture of the mirror at the front entry! So cute! I will always remember my visits to your mansion. I WANT A SHOE AND PURSE ROOM!!!!!


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