Happy 30th Birthday Hoagie Bear!

Today was Andrew's 30th birthday. He didn't make a 30 before 30 list, so it probably wasn't quite as fulfilling as it could have been. But it was still fun and full of all his favorite things. Mostly food.

I baked him cupcakes. They were butter pecan with cream cheese frosting. There was also A LOT of ice cream (java chocolate chunk, his fav!)

Lunch at Wok Inn for Mongolian Beef Monday and endless hot and sour soup. Then Best Buy and Game Stop followed by cotton candy icees and some candy for the movies.
We saw Man of Steel, not to be confused with Iron Man which I almost walked into on accident. They really need to be more original with the titles... like "Robert Downey Jr. Action Movie" or "This Movie Has Superman In It" or "Brad Pitt and Zombies." If there's a job for coming up with movie titles, I'm all over it!

Next we went downtown for dinner at Charthouse (the tower of the Americas upper right and way to the right of the Alamo lower left) and one last stroll along the River walk. Fun fact, no building downtown is allowed to cast a shadow on the Alamo at any time. Another fun fact, Ozzy Osbourne is banned from performing in San Antonio because he peed on the outside walls of the Alamo grounds. That could have been a great 30 before 30. Oh well.

We ate Lobster truffle mac n cheese, chimichurri shrimp, and clam chowder, lobster bisque, and gazpacho soups all while rotating around the city from 1,000 feet in the air.

I originally bought Andrew all new pots and pans for his birthday, but that was a few months ago. Is it bad that I'm the kind of wife who buys him things "for his birthday" all year long? This was his card to go with the kitchenware...

Then a bunch of our friends decided it would be really fun for us to all go to Coachella next Spring. We've gone once before (Andrew won tickets right before we moved to Texas in 2010) and it was awesome. Coachella is the biggest, best music festival and it's in Palm Springs, it's also $350 a ticket. Cray Cray! What are the odds we'd win again? Slim to none, so I got us tickets to go in April and that's his real present. Delayed gratification as it's super far away, but in the meantime he can cook me delicious meals with his new kitchen toys. Win win!

Happy Birthday, Hoagie Bear! I love you like nerds love Star Wars!


  1. What a fun birthday!! All of the food sounds delicious...and I really love that you got him cookware. That's extra fabulous.

  2. Sounds like a happy birthday to me! And your comment about naming the movies made me laugh out loud, so thanks for that :) Have you ever noticed how movies on the Lifetime channel really are named like that? For example: "The Girl Who Killed Her Step-father"

  3. What a super fun birthday! I LOVE all the Star Wars stuff! And that card... perfect! I need one of those! I give Sam cookware, bakeware, knives, etc for birthday and Christmases all the time... makes him happy, makes me fat. : )


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