Hello Houston

Andrew and I drove to Houston on Saturday to spend the weekend with our friends Brenden and Carissa and Will, who is also in the process of moving back to San Diego this month. He stopped in Texas on his way to California just to see us. The 5 of us all met when we were in college in San Diego. Now B&C are completing an MBA and PhD respectively at Rice University in Houston. Needless to say, in the presence of all these academics I felt very uneducated and lazy :) 

Luckily our first stop was boozing it up at a local brewery. And it's true what they say; alcohol is a great equalizer... at least I thought I sounded intelligent after 4 beers! {Correction I only drank 2. The rest was root beer which I much prefer to actual alcohol.}
 We toured Rice University. Such a beautiful campus! 

We love Houston and are so glad we got to see our friends!


  1. Ha! I love that you were matching the bridesmaids!! Should have just joined them and see if anyone noticed!


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