Our move in pictures

I have to preface this by saying that the move is still very fresh in my mind. By that I mean I am exhausted and only remember the pain in the butt parts of driving for three days stopping only for gas, snacks, and to load/unload our stuff. There were some fun parts too, but moving is mostly a drag..
But we survived it... because our friends and parents are awesome for helping us so, so much!
 Moving day was Saturday. It was the hottest day. Probably ever.
 Our friends and parents are awesome and loaded the moving truck in record time (2 hours) which means that I won the bet that we would be done early and I see a pretty new Coach purse in my future for my prize.

We even had enough time to go on a little shopping spree at the San Marcos Outlets, Sam Moon, and the 99 cent store.
 Sunday morning we got up at 4 am and drove. And drove. And drove. And drove.
 It was dark when we left. And someone *Andrew*, while haphazardly packing the remnants of our house in the middle of the night, left the dolly for the U-haul in the street.
Yes, in the street.
I was LIVID! There's a pic (way at the bottom) below documenting the moment I found out about it.
 We all took turns driving. Maddie did surprisingly well. She earned her Class D license.
You know, d for dog :)
There were a lot of stops for gas. The Uhaul got 10 miles per gallon. And had a 40 gallon tank. Even if you're not good at math 1,500 miles times four something a gallon = lots and lots of dollars.  Boo hoo.
 My mom and I drove my Saturn Vue with Maddie while the boys drove the moving truck towing Andrew's car. Our first day of driving included a severe dust storm and lightning storm. The lightning actually caused the fire that resulted in the tragic deaths of 19 firefighters. We stayed the night in Tucson and were so sad to watch this news.
Monday we drove to San Diego. There were a couple border patrol stops that held us up, but mostly the drive was uneventful.

Then we unloaded our stuff into storage. {Thanks for helping Will!} The above pic is when I calmly asked my husband, "Hey, where's the dolly at?" Long pause. "Well, we, um, actually I think it maybe might be in the car?" After further questioning we realized that it was not in the car. It was left behind in the middle of the night packing somewhere on Dublin something street. I was not happy. In fact, in a moment of searing anger I shouted at Andrew "That dolly is your anniversary present. And you're paying for it." Our anniversary is next weekend. Yes, we are still married after such a negligent moving foul. Year six is "Uhaul dolly". It's official.

After my temper tantrum we met up with our friends in San Diego. Drew (our friend we saw in Boston last month) was visiting too, so it was great to see everybody. There was also a "Mexican Kid Rock" walking a pig on Bacon Street. You can imagine how excited I was about this.
Only in Ocean Beach!
 Ahh, I missed beach sunsets.
My mom and dad, and Brian and Audrey posed for pictures. I messed up the jump photo. Moving really threw off my groove. Also my bubble necklace was attacking my face. Y'all, I am a hot mess this week!

Tuesday we signed a lease on a two bedroom apartment (that costs only a little tiny bit less than our three bedroom house in Texas, but we saw that coming.)
Lots of grass for Maddie and Andrew is excited about shooting some b-ball on the court. Returning to apartment living is going to be an adjustment (hello coin laundry and assigned parking) but we don't actually move in until mid August so we have some time to mentally prepare. We're on the left bottom floor of the picture in the lower right. It's going to be ghetto fabulous. Or maybe just ghetto. Perhaps our "rags to riches" story has more of an emphasis on the rags part. Oh well, we've got lots of pretty grass that we don't have to ever mow. That's cool.

I also dropped off all my applications to sub/teach in the San Diego school districts.
We drove through LA (sat in a couple hours of traffic), bought fabric for my sister's wedding decorations in the garment district, and shopped our way home to Pismo Beach.

Unfortunately my car had some flare ups (I think just overheating from all the stop go traffic and what not). So we took extra breaks (at Ross, Fashion Max, Marshall's) for the engine to cool off.
This "mechanic" we stumbled upon was helpful. He said to use our 100 mile towing from Triple A, or to replace my transmission for a few thousand dollars, or to sell my car for parts. Did I say he was helpful? I meant that he was a hater! My car drove much better after cooling down so we made it home, but it was 1 in the morning. That means in the last 5 days I have had 3 and 1/2 hours sleep. Awesome.

Sorry for all the whining. The move actually went way better than it could have. We got into Pismo late Tuesday night which means we got like a month's worth of stuff done in 3 days. And today we booked our flights with our Alaska vouchers from last Summer (my parents, Andrew, and I stayed the night in Seattle on our way back from Alaska to get four $400 vouchers to use later. Highly recommend, that's how I get to go to Hawaii in September) so we are flying to Orlando, Florida (for $55 for 4 people after those amazing vouchers!) in January for my dad's 50th birthday/retirement and my 30th birthday and going on a week long Western Caribbean cruise. It's 6 months away, but oh man am I counting down the days!  We figured we deserve a real vacation after this crazy week!


  1. So glad you made it with only a few (costly) hiccups- Texas misses you already!

  2. HAHA WQoo is a special code for an EXTRA-excited WOOO!


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