A look into my classroom

Let me preface this post by making it known that I am running solely on equal parts caffeine and ice cream. And holy cow, am I getting stuff done! 

Here's a recap:

Last Monday, I had a job interview.

Tuesday I had a physical exam and signed a teaching contract.

Wednesday was Back to School night,

Thursday I set up my classroom,
Setting up my classroom (Before photo upper right, After photo lower right)

Friday was a conference on curriculum changes (Houghton Mifflin is on it's way out.)
Me and the 5th grade team (they each had over 40 students in their classrooms so I was hired to start a third 5th grade class to relieve them a bit.)  Other photos are at our conference at the convention center downtown. So fun to see all the teachers I used to sub for all those years ago, and now I'm finally one of them :)

Friday-Sunday was Vegas.

Monday was my prep day for the week (and an impromptu much needed beach day).

Tuesday I started teaching. And I'm already taking my first day off tomorrow for my sister's wedding this weekend. I feel like a slacker missing work so early on, but then I realize that my "day off" involves driving for 6 hours (twice), setting up and tearing down a wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception, and then driving back the next day to make it to work on time. But it's a wedding weekend of fun and it's going to be awesome, so no more whining, just pictures...

Here's a mini tour of the classroom I set up in a span of 2 days. Did I mention we only moved into our apartment 3 weeks ago? It goes without saying that my back is shot out and my arms are not nearly as toned as they should be for all the boxes I've been carrying. You can't win 'em all.  Luckily all the extra stuff we didn't have room for in our new place fit perfectly in my classroom (lamps, rugs, and various decorations). So I'll take a win where I can, and storing my extra housewares in the name of setting up a classroom definitely qualifies.

 Why yes, that's a table cloth on my desk. All the wood laminate was cramping my style!

 I keep switching up the bulletin boards, but I'm running out of time and energy so this will probably stay up for a while.

 I quickly discovered the windows must be covered due to the constant distraction of students running by our classroom. Quick fix= a bolt of fabric and some nails. Nothing fancy... it's a work in progress.

I am often the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. It is what it is.
So far everything is going great! My motto (besides "pics or it didn't happen") is: I can do anything for a year, so I'm ready for an exciting year!


  1. LOVE your classroom!! I wish you were my teacher!!


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