What happened in Vegas

We spent the weekend in Las Vegas with our friends: Brian & Audrey, Mitch & Becky, and Angela (we missed you, James!).

 We had fun, fun fun!  I will say that I don't gamble, so the only money I spent on this trip was for the hotel and our meals. The appeal of sin city for me is walking around the strip, people watching, checking out the fancy hotels, hanging out with friends, and chowing down at the amazing buffets. {Everyone wins at the buffet!} It's an easy 5 hour drive from San Diego and y'all know how much we love driving. Not really, but this was a walk in the cake compared to all our other road trips. Andrew is shaking his head, "cake walk or walk in the park, not walk in the cake." You know what, VEGAS BABY! I do what I want!

 We jumped on the bed, ate junk food, and had a girls spa day.
 The Paris Hotel brunch buffet was phenomenal! Andrew won (This is only the first of his 3 plates of food.)

 Like I said, I didn't gamble at all, but I still needed a photo in a casino because it is Vegas after all.
Final meal at Hash House a Go Go before our drive home (with a stop at the Primm Outlets!)
Overall, good times and good friends. Fun weekend to celebrate moving back to California, Mitch and Becky's 5th wedding anniversary, and my new teaching job starting tomorrow!


  1. I need to see closer pictures of that gold dress. It looks fabulous!


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