Sunday Confessions

Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like there are a million and one things I have to do, and I'm too overwhelmed to prioritize, so I try to do it all and, as a result, nothing gets done well.

Confession one: I haven't checked the mail, cooked a meal, or washed the dishes in the last 3 weeks. Ok, you got me... I haven't cooked a meal in the last year or so, but no excuses for the other two. (Thank God for my helpful husband who picks up the slack in those areas so I don't live in total filth!I am not doing the housewife thing well.

I'm not lazy; I've been dealing with unending piles of papers to grade. 

Confession two: My principal came to my class unannounced on Thursday to observe me teach a lesson and I had nothing prepared. We have been doing PE in the mornings because it is over 100* in the afternoon so I was a sweaty mess from running laps with my students (because it is still 85* in the mornings) and planning on having them read their SSR books and do a worksheet while I organized activities for the day. The principal hates workbook pages so I scratched that plan right away and instead passed out a non-fiction article on Jazz for our assembly the next day and had them take turns reading it aloud. Terrible! Bless his heart, he met with me later in the day and kindly shared some suggestions on what to do next time. Starting with: "Give the students a clear objective." Oopsies. I am not doing the teacher thing well.

In my defense, my class has reached a new level of chaotic. I got two new students this week that are identical twins with practically the same name (Kyara and Kyareth) who dress in the same outfits and don't speak a word of English or understand a thing I am saying. My state test scores are going to be real special this year. And another confession: I'm sad these cute little girls are completely lost in my class, but I am so happy they're quiet because I cannot stand anymore trouble makers!

Confession three: Instead of doing anything productive, Andrew and I spent Saturday at the beach in Carlsbad and a music festival at Oceanside Pier.


The confession part is that I am old. We stayed out late and the music was so loud that I was the goofy girl plugging my ears in the middle of a set to protect my aging eardrums. I am not doing the party animal thing well.

In short, I am not good at anything and nothing is getting done. It's all "brennie-boo-hoo" over here. But one thing I can do well is watch the Emmy's and critique the wardrobe choices. So there's that.


  1. UUUUGH...hate that situation with your principal. Awful. And that new twin situation sounds really special. Poor girls!! Poor you!!

  2. 1. I'm pretty sure you just got hired a hot minute ago so who cares if you have every single second of the entire year planned out already.

    2. I saw a little postcard thingy this weekend that said "I can still party like an animal... it's the recovery I can't do anymore."

  3. You are so funny Bren. I just love the last sentence you posted! :) Haha.


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