Mission Beach and the fog

Saturday morning the forecast called for 80 degrees and sunshine, so we grabbed our beach bag and headed to Mission Bay. Every weekend we've managed to do something different in San Diego, and Mission Bay is one of the more iconic areas of the city with Sea World and Belmont Park.
 We strolled along the boardwalk and took pictures of all the fun rides.
 And then the fog rolled in. Wishful thinking planning a beach day in November!
It was clear that a sunny day at the beach was out of the question so we hit up our favorite dive Mexican restaurant for $2.00 burritos.
 And drove fifteen minutes inland to our old apartment complex (the one we lived in for three years after college before we moved to Texas) where it's always sunny and the pool is always waiting for us meaning they don't lock the gate.

Saturday night we walked to "Ye Village Inn", a local dive bar that our friends frequent. Without explaining the disgusting "adult" trivia game the boys in our group played (minus Andrew, of course) they conveniently wrote in my name (#9) so I am forever immortalized on the leaderboard of that horrible game. Thanks guys. Meanwhile, I was busy losing at shuffleboard which is not something I'm used to. I'm going to need a new sport. Perhaps darts?
We also walked by our city's tiny Library located in a shopping center next to a pet groomer and a Chinese restaurant. Weird. Libraries are normally beautiful old buildings. This one was a let down. But the night wasn't a total loss, my friend Audrey found her dream car.
Today we took a nice, long walk around Lake Murray. 
The whole trail is a 10K and our little Maddie Bear walked almost the entire time. She has been conked out for the last 6 hours. That was probably a whole month's worth of exercise for her.
It definitely was for me!
Now I'm figuring out lesson plans for the week, finalizing first trimester grades, and prepping for parent conferences. I got two new students last week which puts me at 32 and I am feeling very outnumbered.
But hey, I made it through another month and I am celebrating every victory no matter how small!

This weekend we booked our Caribbean Cruise for January (to celebrate my 30th birthday and my dad's 50th birthday/retirement). It's always nice to have something fun to look forward to.
Now I just have to explain to my principal that I am extending my 2 week Christmas vacation and taking a whole extra week off of school for a "family reunion" back east. Wish me luck! On the bright side, maybe I'll get to go on lots of vacations soon... when I'm FIRED!!!


  1. What a fun weekend!! And of course I am jealous of your sweet vacation coming up! Enjoy that family reunion!!! ;)


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