Friday, I'm in love

SO happy it's Friday!  Rebecca Black almost ruined it for me, but I've trained my mind to immediately hum THIS SONG by the Cure whenever I start to hear her obnoxious voice in my head.  Just so we're clear, that's Robert Smith: 1, Rebecca B: 0.
In order to properly celebrate this fabulous Friday, the end of my subbing job, and Andrew working so hard on his Fulbright application (more on that here), we are going out for a night on the town.  Actually, my sweet hubbs let me pick tonight's activities so we'll be spending quality time at Northstar Mall. And also probably La Cantera and Rim (also shopping malls.)  Don't feel too bad for hoagie bear, he gets to pick the restaurant for dinner and has a great big gift card for Williams Sonoma burning a hole in his pocket.
FYI: W S has the BEST cookbooks and cupcake decorating assortment.
I'm sure Andrew shares my afinity for cupcake kits.
Northstar Mall with it's iconic boots

La Cantera where I bump into all the wives of the spurs players

RIM with TJ Maxx Home Goods my fav!

I realize not everyone shares in my love of shopping, but let me make my case.  San Antonio is something like the 7th largest city in the US. {San Diego is 8th to put it in perspective, so I guess we're movin' on up!}  *clarification:  by largest city, I mean population wise... let's be honest though, the people are probably the largest too. But hey, what else is there to do but down gallons of ice cream when it's 100 degrees out everyday? Oh that was my case for eating ice cream round the clock. My case for shopping is this: Even though S.A. is ginormous, there really isn't that much to do but shop and eat around here. And when in Rome, or even Texas which is quite possibly the furthest thing from Rome, do as the Romans do. And the Romans like to shop. I've been to Caesar's Palace, I know what it's about.  Seriously though, I pride myself on being somewhat of a thrill seeker ~ I mean I white water rafted the Grand Canyon for crying out loud! (Highly recommend!) So without interfering with my strict shopping schedule, I think I'm going to set a new goal to do Something Adventurous in San Antonio each week. 

[This obviously will have to start tomorrow as I already have a shopping spree in the works for tonight.]

Photo Re-Cap of the evening:
Sharing gelato at La Cantera Mall
Reviewing my prizes... a watch from Nordy's, a dress and shirt from Gilly Hicks
3 skirts, a tank top, and scarf from forever 21
Shopping and eating... this is what we call a win-win! 

Only in Texas would they have a spongebob canpants constructed out of cans of beans.

Dinner at Thai Corner
Date night was a success. We should do this everyday :-)