Hello Monday

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! A Monday that doubles as a holiday is the BEST kind of Monday :)  I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard for some hellos this week.

 Hello winter walks with Maddie.
Hello knocking items off my 30|30 list
I cooked breakfast this morning. Look out Paula Deen :)
Hello organizing make-up.
Goodbye eye shadow from 2004. Oops. Turns out this little project was long overdue.
Hello heart shaped chip (sour cream & onion... my favorite) Nice to know they love me back!
Hello using my juicer to make orange juice and then using that orange juice in my blender to make smoothies. I'm not usually that crafty in the kitchen, but I have my moments.
 Hello cute little fluff ball at the top of the stairs.
Hello consolidating linens and cleaning out the closet.
These vacuum seal bags are magical. I am going to buy stock in them :)
Hello gift cards from my Birthday that are just begging to buy bargains!
Hello to a nice short week that promises warmer weather and apparently some good shopping trips!


  1. You go, Paula Deen!! Also-- YOUR MAKEUP COLLECTION!!! Oh my GOSH! Out of control, girl. You need to label those pictures so I can tell what each of the bags is for. Also, please send some of our gift cards to me. Thanks!


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